Application for GSS Application K-8th Good Shepherd School

Thank you for your interest in Good Shepherd School. Please register the child, not the parent.  Once you sign it it will ask you if they are a family member, if you are in our database it will automatically fill in your family. Otherwise, under "select family member" choose "add new family member" and enter the child's information. We need each child's demographics please.

All families who wish to be considered for enrollment pay a one-time per family application fee of $25. If you have already paid the fee, just update the information for the child you wish to enroll and uncheck the fee box. If you are applying for multiple children, pay the fee once, but uncheck the fee box for each child you add.



This application is for new families only.

Please register the child, not the parent, if you are new to GSCC you will need to add each family member by clicking "add new family member" and typing over the name autofilled.

1) Login first (or if new to GSCC create a new login)
2) If you would like to enroll more than one child, indicate that number in "how many do you wish to register"
3) if you attend GSCC, please use the dropdown box to choose the child you wish to enroll
4) if you do not have your family in our database, please select "add family member" to add each child